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deh means don't in Gala/Langlee/south Scottish dialects
'deh beil' - 'don't go in a mood'/ 'get over it'
#deh #beil #deh beil #gala #langlee #scottish
by GYB2k8 May 30, 2008
BV means 'deh beil!' as in 'don't beil!'. This is a Gala/Langlee expression for telling someone not to go into a mood/huff.
person 1: 'Cana nick a fag?'

person 2: 'Nuht, al give ye twos.'

person 1: 'Too far by the way, tha' is VERY extreme by the way.'

person 2: 'Aww, BV by the way.'
#deh beil #bv #too far #langlee #gala
by GYB2k8 May 29, 2008
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