Designated drug dealer.

At parties where the host knows many guests will want to purchase and indulge in illicit substances, they will call a person who they trust or have a connection to to be the designated drug dealer for the night.
Dave: You the DDD?
Greg: Yea, what do you need?
by Cognidubnus August 10, 2011
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Doube Digit Dick is a cock that is ten or more inches long, that is, that has a measurement in inches of double digits.
OMG! Last night I met a guy with a DDD. My sex life will never be the same.
by Susan0506 October 01, 2011
Some big titties right there.
Marica? Damn I miss her. Bring those things back.
by Mmmm November 18, 2003
Dick Drawing Disorder.... is disorder that is sweeping the nation, which compels people to draw dicks on everything and anything they can draw on, this disorder is rampant and is ever increasing in sexually frustrated boys in high school.
I think Andres has a mad case of DDD cause he keeps drawing dicks on Padro's wall.
by nightwing93 May 26, 2010
Disease/Drug/Drama free
Looking for....Must be DDD.
by BballChick88 March 09, 2009
designated drunk driver
who's going to ddd tonight?
by adsfadsffdsa July 22, 2005
Don't Do Drugs.
ESTER: Last summer i made one big STUPIDDDD MISTAKE, i frikkin' smoked the blunt. I became a shouting gore head 2pac finder, winnie the pooh hyper shithead that stoled the honey. The days after the stupid drugs got 2 my cheeseburger and fries brain, i became a bad friend. I was one big stupid ass melting in the sun downer. So DDD.
by †reptilicus† June 16, 2010
DDD very clearly stands for Double-D Deprivation. This is an extremely common, and quite serious condition, in which one has not seen, let alone come into contact with, a large set of breasts in a very long time.

Possible known side effects include twitching of the eyes, seizures and prolonged periods of shameful masturbation.
John: "What's wrong with Sam? His left eye was twitching during science class and then he went into convulsions."

George: "Word on the street is that he has DDD. It's pretty serious."
by THE HOLE WIZARD November 10, 2014

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