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Don't be ridiculous.
She: "Does this make me look fat?"
HE: "Dbr! You look amazing!"
by dontberidiculous November 05, 2013
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Don't be ridiculous
DBR, it's too early to sleep right now.
by fivesixteenpm October 03, 2012
dumb bitch roommate. fuck that fucking bitch. she's the dumbest bitch out there.
ugh, my dbr is really the fucking worst lately.
dude, fuck my dbr.
by 291498-08501823 May 05, 2014
DBR stands for "Dry Bum Rape"
As the title suggests it is bum rape, dry. As in not moist, as in the non usage of such pleasure enhancing lubricants
"Beighton enjoys some nice DBR off his father"

"Your walking like you have just been DBR'd"
by DezzyDubya November 24, 2003
Designated Beer Runner
"Hey could you go get a case for me"-Me
"Go ask Harry, hes the DBR"- Him
by TylerT26 March 15, 2012
Acronym for "Don't be racist"
Often used as a reply or statement to those who exercise the use of racism and stupidity.
badboy: you are a <racist word>
-_-: DBR!
by -_- April 30, 2004
Damaged Beyond Repair, used to designate a person so lacking in common sense, compassion, and regard for others that he/she is unworthy of consideration for dating, friendship, marriage, etc.
"Girl, don't date him - he is DBR.
by dhkafj September 02, 2007

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