Girl who has had her hymen broken. A non-virgin. Woman who has had carnal knowledge.
<Darth Vader> Your surprising lack of bleeding leads me to believe that you are damaged goods. It was your brother wasn't it? </Darth Vader>
by Gimli July 09, 2003
Top Definition
1) Item/s that were expected to be in good (if not brand new) condition, but were discovered eventually that they weren't.

2)Someone who was once healthy and/or normal but isn't anymore due to unfortunate, traumatic events in his/her life (i.e. physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse...u get it).
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
A person, who makes themselves emotionally unavailable due to unfortunate circumstances in the past. Which in turn makes their significant other pay for the mistakes they had to deal with in the past. Damaged goods tend to run away from their problems instead of facing them head on and tend to make assumptions about present situations due to experiences from the past.
by gsxrchi September 17, 2012
Someone who is now undateable or not attractive because of past or current circumstances, but would otherwise be attractive.

Someone who has ruined their career because of at least one exposed mistake that has permanently changed their reputation and/or credibility.
Becky is damaged goods after she had John's baby in high school. Nobody wants to date her.

Michelle's fine but she got a train ran on her at that party. I wouldn't fuck anymore. She's damaged goods.

Sam has 4 kids by 4 different women, even though he's handsome, he's damaged goods.

Andre was offered a scholarship to University of Florida for basketball, but he was caught stealing, so he had his scholarship revoked and is damaged goods.
by John Claude di Ronaldi September 22, 2014
When a guy or a girl had already been married and had children and now he/she is divorced and looking for another partner.
-Why are you still not with that guy? He's hot!
-Nah I don't want no damaged goods.
by crimsonvipermaya February 07, 2009
A tumblr where a serious fat chick has photo-shopped herself to a size 6.....colors her eyes green even though they are a crappy brown......talks of nothing but sex & drugs....though someone would have to be seriously high to have sex with her. A total loser who actually believes that she'll never get called on her web pic lies....someone who actually believes that anyone would want to follow her on tumblr. A pathetic person who thinks she is just that cool even though 1/2 her questions & comments are sent to her by her.
by TheRealF'ingDeal February 11, 2011
Used to describe in a tongue in cheek manner someone who looks terrible after a big night or weekend
Person A: you look terrible
Person B: Yeap...damaged refund.
by HappyAardvark April 30, 2009
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