Used to describe in a tongue in cheek manner someone who looks terrible after a big night or weekend
Person A: you look terrible
Person B: Yeap...damaged refund.
by HappyAardvark April 30, 2009
a girl with herpes.......
Did you hear that chicks damaged goods now..
Hey dont look now but damaged goods just walked in.
Too bad that girls damaged goods now, she was so hot.
by BB February 13, 2008
This is when you date someone (usually a girl) who has just recently been dumped by a guy. Usually when the guy dates the girl and then dumps her after a few days because he realizes she has appearance problems which he didn't notice before
Are you serious!! Dude she's damaged goods, you shouldn't even think about dating her right now.
by Samiz January 12, 2008
Girl who has had her hymen broken. A non-virgin. Woman who has had carnal knowledge.
<Darth Vader> Your surprising lack of bleeding leads me to believe that you are damaged goods. It was your brother wasn't it? </Darth Vader>
by Gimli July 09, 2003
a white girl who loses their virginity to a black , paki or druggie.
that girl is damaged goods being with that cokehead i bet she lost her v 2 him aswell.
by Adam Cornish February 08, 2007

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