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A small piece of Sweedish heavenly deliciousness, coated in delectible chocolate, wrapped in a gorgeous red wrapper that conveiniently states 'Daim'.
Figure A: 'What are those?'
Figure B: 'Daims.'
Figure A: 'What are Daims?'
Figure B: 'Small pieces of heaven that God himself plucked from the Daim tree, separately packaged, and sent down only to Ikea so that man may experience the wonders of what is known as Daims.'
Figure A: '....... Can I have one?'
Figure B: 'No.'
by Rarr. March 04, 2010
i) An upcoming rap artist/producer who moved to Kitchener, Ontario in 2004 from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

ii) A graffiti artist.

iii) A European chocolate candy.
Jermaine: "Yo, I didn't know brown kids could rap, who is he?"
Bob: "This is Daim man, the illest brown rapper out there."

Jermaine: "Dayumm! This is some trippy, next level graffiti tag mayne!"
Bob: "Ye yo, Daim knows how to spray, what a legend."

Jermaine: "Damn this stuff taste like that Skor chocolate."
Bob: "No bro, Daim came first. Skor takes like Daim."
by daimk September 16, 2011
Dark Alleyway Interactive Map
by far the best map used for the ravenblack Dark AlleyWay vampires game. A privately owned and designed map, the DAIM features an interactive map with capability for multiple pire use, directions to the closest banks, pubs, and transit stations, as well as locations of all guilds and custom destination maps that tell you the exact number of squares to the location and if using the public transit will get you there faster. The DAIM is free but a premium version is available with a $5 donation but the free version works just fine. All of the hotshot pires in the city use it including Lord Capadocious and Lord Bubbleknight.
A: the Discount Magic is currently near Zestless & 17 but I'm only at Pessemism & 86th, how do I get there before it moves in an hour?
B: just use your DAIM, see, it's 137 moves away if you walk, or 72 if you go to the Urania station, which is 20 squares southwest, and take it to Erato. Of course you could just use a scroll of teleportation and get it done in 2 moves...
by silent17 August 31, 2006
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