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A hot sexy babe who any red blooded male would want to please. I'd give my life to suck her off and make her cum in my mouth. She is simply the most beautiful and sexy babe in the world.
Carmen Electra is a babe.
by RebelINS June 28, 2004
Easily the most talented female rapper, hands down. Is the sexual fantasy of men worldwide and I'm sure that any married male would ditch their wife to get a taste of her pussy.
Foxy Brown is a hottie..
by RebelINS April 28, 2005
Ashanti is an ugly horse who is part of a bunch of cocksuckers called "Murder" who are a fucking disgrace to rap and hiphop. Her and that ugly fag with a hitler mustache called "Ja" should fuck off. Ja rule is a pussy and both are a fine match. Ashanti has facial hair like greeks and needs to shave her sideburns. Fuck off bitch. You're not hot. You're pretty damned ugly.
Ashanti's breath stinks like shit.
by RebelINS June 28, 2004
Bunch of corny motherfuckers whoz antics on screen makes u wonder how the fuck they got a record deal. Eminem is really pushing his luck with this shit.. bring all these ass bitches onto his tracks... that fat motherfucker needs to get shot... looks like some kinda chimpanzee on the loose.
D12 are a shithouse bunch of corny motherfuckers, lead by a fag called "Eminem"
by RebelINS July 07, 2004
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