Drug Squad i.e. police
I hear Brief-case Steve got fingered by the DS
by dilbert scrunchie June 18, 2003
1. nintendo's handheld gimmick i mean GAMING device.

2. dog shit
nintendo fanboy- i just got a nintendo DS its better than psp because its made by nintendo. want to play?

normal person-no thanks i'd rather play with the other kind of DS.
by taco pown3r August 20, 2009
Dick sucker- a female version of vb. A girl who is a real slut, and goes around sucking anyone's dick. Willing to do anything for a guy.
See that girl? She's a massive ds- she doesn't care what people think of her!
by Doubleyoubee August 09, 2009
Dog Shit
Man Look At Ur Initials....D.S.... They Stand For Dog Shit!!
by XxNovacaineXx February 02, 2009
Abbreviation for Dirty Sanchez.
"Man, Willie got a Tom Selleck-style DS...Beeeyooommm!"
by m1kehawk April 19, 2006
n. dog shit. something that is completely false or incorrect.
Bob Arnold saying that the Red Sox rules is complete DS.
by gregz February 14, 2005
dry sex.
when you do all the motions of sex with your clothes on.
dry humping.
your pants stay on!
it a good safe sex way of getting off!
=] lol.
dude we totally did ds!
by Gnomie March 11, 2008

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