The process of smoking a blunt or something passable between two or more people.
Yo let's cyph this blunt.

How was the morning cyph?
by SexyAlexi May 22, 2005
Top Definition
An encrypted messenger app.

To chat securely without having big brother watching.
Friend: Know where I can get some "oregano"?
Me: Dude... not on here. Cyph me bro.
by mrmove December 13, 2014
A blunt session. The process of passing a blunt between 2 or more people.
Slang mostly used in NYC/Northern NJ.
John:Yo cyphs today? I got 5 on it.
Phil: Yea boi I got some bud, but lemme cop a swisher first.
by Jay Montana September 25, 2014
The act of smoking marijuana
I'm all about that Monday morning pre work cyph.
by Bigboi1275 August 09, 2015
Term used generally by people 13-18
Means to smoke weed with one or more people. Can refer to smoking out of anything, not just a blunt.
by niggaligga December 04, 2013
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