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4 definitions by SexyAlexi

The process of smoking a blunt or something passable between two or more people.
Yo let's cyph this blunt.

How was the morning cyph?
by SexyAlexi May 22, 2005
The feeling crappy weed gives you that makes you better at math.
-Let's go to Pedro before the SAT's, his shit gets you antiblazed.
by SexyAlexi September 19, 2004
See teabagging.

putting penis in between a persons' eyes. THus creating a gladiator type helmet
I hear he's a famous gladiator...
by SexyAlexi June 07, 2004
Funny story, we smoked some weed, and I asked my friend online what weed we smoked and he replied 'nos'
At the time I thought it was a name of a weed. So I'm like to people, 'Yo I smoked some nos the other day. And everyone was like 'Aight' like they knew what it was.
And later in person I ask him about 'nos' and he's like thats my way of saying no online. So now people think nos is a slang word for weed, which it is. Because of stupidity, gullibility, and conformity. But it sounds cool, and that's what i call weed now.
-Yo, we just smoked some nos today.
-Nos? What?
-You know, weed.
-Ohhhh, right nos... <.< >.>
by SexyAlexi September 07, 2004