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Similar to the Austrailian slang term for a woman(a sheila), cydney refers to a painfully gorgeous and intelligent female capable of bringing destruction and desire to any man she meets. A cydney is a heartbreaker.
I just can't get that cydney from last summer out of my head.
by WediditforReggie September 21, 2005
an amazingly sexy girl who can make you feel loved and horny at all time simultaneously.
did you see that cydney? WOW!
by trumpetman1989 December 02, 2008
Cydney- a girl who will make you laugh again and agian, she has the sweetest smile and knows how to make you hot. Sometimes she may act innocent but really, she can be a vixen. She usually likes to cuddle and loves to laugh with friends, she is always very very attractive once you meet her, you will never forget her and she will always stay on your mind. she is a lot of fun
"Damnnn, do you know Cydney? shes amazing!"
by BreakSeal November 18, 2011
A great friend who can be irresistible. She has her down sides but is mostly amazing. She's funny and makes you laugh over and over again. She's pretty and lots of people like her. She's smart, funny, popular, great, nice, likeable and strategic. You will never forget her beautiful smile.
I love Cydney! She's just the greatest friend

Yeah I know. She always make me laugh! 😁
by ImSoSavage May 15, 2016
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