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Madyson is a sweet, beautiful girl with an amazing smile. Her smile makes your day everytime you see it. Shes the kind of girl you can't stop giving compliments to. She is just absolutely amazing.
Madyson has the cutest smile ever! Shes beyond beautiful.
by LMFAO42 December 07, 2010
A beautiful girl who is the best friend anyone could have. Although, a Madyson will have a hot temper, if you apologize, she will forgive you. She is also very unique and very unpredictable.
Did you see what that chick just did???? She's definitely a Madyson.
by LERRRRRR July 04, 2011

Madyson is a classic name.
If you are an adult with the name madyson, then you are just fucking weird because no one knew of the name then..

If you are a teenager with the name Madyson, You are probably blonde and sexy and fucking amazing, because u were named after the Mermaid in the movie Splash from the 80's..

If you are a child with the name Madyson..Then Im sorry, you are just a little clone of the sexy Madyson's in their teens and 20's..
that girl is so sexy, she must be a Madyson.
by Madyson December 29, 2007
an ugly fucking whore who cant keep a boyfriend. they cheat on her every time because she dosnt know how to thrill them. her hair looks like straw, her eyebrows need to be tamed, and when she smiles she looks like a donkey.
guy1: ewwwwwwwwww who is that nasty hoe?

guy2: thats that madyson sylvester girl that thinks everyone likes her but really no body does because shes disgusting.

guy1: oh isnt that the one whos boyfriend sebastian just cheated on her with a way prettier girl?

guy2: yup thats her! shes nasty as fuck isnt she? grossest girl at DM!
by fuckandchuck101 February 01, 2011
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