The most badass metal guitar player you will ever see in your life. Shreds sicker than any other; djented before the word was invented! Truly unique. Of course he is named after a mythical creature, no mere mortal can play like he does! Also a man of his word, a great father and a wonderful husband. Guitar is not the only thing he handles well. Too bad for all the other women out there, but we have been married almost 10 years!
Did you see Cyclops' show the other night! His riffs were SICK!
by MrsClops November 06, 2010
a man's penis
Fighting with the cyclops lately?
by Saucy Hyde January 19, 2010

Cyclops; also known as a 'one eyed creature' is a term used to describe a cyber smiley face, gone wrong. These often deemed “mutated” Cyclops' usually come to life as a result of a person's uncoordinated typing skills. The presence of a Cyclops is random and it's obvious irregularities allow it to be extremely humorous.

Although different to your average cyber smiley's, Cyclops' are capable of expressing cyber emotions as effectively as other smiley's.

Exhibit A ;

-) -D -O -P

Exhibit B ;

-( -S -| -\
Olive Oyl: =)
Porky: lol -)
Olive Oyl: what kind of a smiley is that LOL?
Porky: Cyclops
Olive Oyl: Ohh Em Gee BAHAHHAHA!
Porky: -D
by ImAnEmoKid May 18, 2009
A verb, to cyclops. You're having sex with a girl from behind, and just before you finish, you spit on her back so that she thinks you came. Then, when she turns around, you come in her eye.
Tracy wears an eyepatch ever since Dan cyclops'd her.
by Captain Brucematical January 06, 2005
a car with one headlight burned out. it's tough to see one at night because you don't know which side is working, possibly leading to a head-on collision.
last night, while coming home, i almost wrecked my car swerving to avoid a cyclops coming at me on the wrong side of the road.
by earpuller September 13, 2009
A Game in which player get in a car and drive aorund looking for cars with one headlight. If one is spotted "cyclops" is yelled and that person hits the car ceiling. then everyone else in the car has to remove an article of clothing. Anyone needing specific rules to the game can E-Mail me.
There is no real example for this word besides the explanation given above.
by Ryan Reed March 15, 2005
1. A big scary monster with one eye
2. Raina 'the hindu'
1. Odysseus told the cyclops
2. The cyclops just beat up the space cadet
by marfan boy April 01, 2004

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