a car with one headlight burned out. it's tough to see one at night because you don't know which side is working, possibly leading to a head-on collision.
last night, while coming home, i almost wrecked my car swerving to avoid a cyclops coming at me on the wrong side of the road.
by earpuller September 13, 2009
1. That one gay guy from Xmen. what a fag
2. A penis, the head of a penis
3. One-Eyed Monster
1. Cyclops is such a fag.
2. WTF! i see yur cyclops peeking out yur pants
3. bitch ass cyclops killed my family
by minhdizzle999@gmail.com May 30, 2006
When a man places his penis between the breasts of a woman from the top, so that his anal orifice in on her face.
Jenny decided stick out her tongue while Billy gave her the cyclops.
by manvsbear March 25, 2006
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