1. A big scary monster with one eye
2. Raina 'the hindu'
1. Odysseus told the cyclops
2. The cyclops just beat up the space cadet
by marfan boy April 01, 2004
The Cyclops is an Aussie invention. It was designed by a person who goes by the name of Tra la.

The Cyclops was designed for his/her rock smoking friends. Due to recent changes in the law, which made the sale of crack pipes over the counter illegal. Making it hard to find a good rock smoking implement.

The cyclops is based on the same design as a bucket bong. The only difference is the cone piece is replaced by a glass bowl called "the eye".

WARNING!!!! This way of smoking crystal meth is not for everyone. It kicks your fucken arse!

When having a Cyclops make sure your sitting down. If your not there is a good chance you'll find yourself coming to 20 seconds later, flat on your back saying "WHAT THE FUCK!" That is called Skinkn'it.
"Get the Cyclops out mate and lets get ripped off our tits"


Only for hardcore meth smokers please.

by dj shiva August 06, 2007
When a man places his penis between the breasts of a woman from the top, so that his anal orifice in on her face.
Jenny decided stick out her tongue while Billy gave her the cyclops.
by manvsbear March 25, 2006

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