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When a woman cuts a hole in her pants exposing her vagina, and a man, with a fake eye, takes his fake eye and puts it into the vagina, just enough so that you can still see the eye staring back at you.
"Man, I don't feel like having sex tonight... Hey let's do The Cyclops!"
by TheCyclopsMan May 06, 2010
1) The act of constantly abusing your genitals to pleasurable thoughts
2) Slang for playing the game of Hacky Sack
1) "Jeff's kinda weird, he says that instead of masturbating, he usually just smacks the sack."
2) Man 1: Hey what are you doing?

Man 2: Nothin' much just smackin' the sack, you want in?

Man 1: Sure!
by TheCyclopsMan June 11, 2011

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