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The Hair thats in or around your asshole. The hair is very curly and sometimes hurts when sweat and either shit gets near it and will stick to it.
" Yo Natasha' Lixk my curly's"

"Oouch,I just pulled one of my curly's out"
by Dickwad December 13, 2004
Curly is when instead of a man getting a boner, the weiner becomes curly, as in a energy-efficent lightbulb. It also can be used as a term for horny.
Do I make you curly when I suggest a nannerpuss for breakfast?
by Curly Q 6969696 March 22, 2009
Anything involving doing something bad, stupid or a 1-15 bomb <3...
Some kid: "Shit dude you nade our own spawn"
Some cal-open:"fuck... i pulled a curly"
by Adam Sasso May 31, 2006
Godly cool...
see supafly

see ass muppet
Wow Curly is such a jive cat.. some might say he is god.. others might say he is just incredible..
by Curly February 28, 2005
A police officer. Comes from the stereotype that police officers are usually white males with curly hair and blue eyes, also possibly racist.
Joe didn't wanna do anything illegal that night. He had already had enough run ins with curly to last the whole week.
by Ziek May 02, 2005
gay. As in, the opposite of straight.
Elton John is totally curly.
by ShawnaC123 July 09, 2004
A cutsie term for cuddling, spooning, or laying along in fetal possition.
After work the hubby and I are going to get curly and watch a romantic movie.

When it's cold and rainy I like to be curly in bed.
by KoRnieK August 16, 2009