being really cheap and gay.
a homosexual with an inhuman tendency to lend money and then ask back ten times the amount.
A faggot, cheapskate, curmudgeon, niggard (also heavily racist), penny pincher, piker, scrooge, skinflint or tightwad (calls himself tightass) is a person who is reluctant to spend money, sometimes to the point of forgoing even basic comforts and some necessities as well as offering obscene favors especially to the members of the same sex.

Note: Do not throw money at a cup cake in anger. He will simply put it in his pocket.
sukul: get the fuck outta here! and you owe me Rs. 3000.

homeless guy: but i've never met you before!? what a fuckin cup cake! go do both your dads!

Guy: "hey man long ti-"
sukul: call me back i'm outta balance.
guy: hello? yeah how you doing buddy?
sukul: shut up fag. you owe me Rs. 2000 from school.
guy: "stupid fucking cup cake! that was 2 years ago! go do both your dads!
by i256too December 06, 2010
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When a muffin is consumed by magic.
When a muffin and a unicorn fall in love they have cupcake
by Sarah D. March 16, 2007
A cupcake is a person who...

...from outward appearance you would assume they are tough, but on the inside they are soft.

...can be very sweet. the perfect size, just the right amount of everything. also cute yet delicious.

...people are always in the mood to hang out with them, just like people are always in the mood to have cupcakes.

...people never get sick of.
“I think Richy’s nickname should be Cupcake. It describes him perfectly.”

“Hey Cupcake! What’s up?”
by CJ522 September 19, 2008
when someone cups their hand over their ass when they fart and throw the now handheld fart in your face
" yo shut up or ill cupcake you!"
"lol, dude johnny is asleep. should i cupcake him"
by chunxx December 09, 2008
the whores of the muffin world
Those cupcakes are the whores of the muffin world.
by ashtonkutcher March 06, 2008
Its a fucking bread product with fucking frosting you perverts
want some cupcakes? Yeah. ill make 'em. YUMMY FROSTING!
by YOUR MOMTHER!! :D November 01, 2008
A fan fiction story featuring the My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic ponies written by Sergeant Sprinkles. I thought it was kinda funny but most people think it's fucked up.
The Cupcakes story is on Google Documents if anyone wants to read it.
by YesterdayISawABabyPig July 18, 2011
Being lovey dovey with someone. Being cute and cuddly, like paper on a cupcake
Suzie was being cupcakey with Sam at the movies, they were in eachother's arms the whole time.
by Shubalicious December 10, 2008
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