-A Cute Adorable Grl(or guy whatever).Who You Could Just Eat Up. >.<

-A CupCake Is A Muffin W/Frosting. Which Makes It Better.
-Hey Did U See That Girl.
-No Was She Cute?
-She Was A CupCake.
by [[ChinaDoll]] [[Cp.Ck.]] April 06, 2008
When one person purposly encloses his hands around his anus when flatulating (farting) in order to release the odour in someone elses face.
"Go cup-cake him!"

"I don't believe you just cupcaked me!"
by Skii May 06, 2005
A cupcake is a person who is sweet on the inside and out. Everything she or he does is adorable and you just want to eat them because they just so adorable.
by harrycupcakestyles January 22, 2013
n. A girl who sweet in nature.

Cute in presentation.

Irresistibly adorable.
Cupcake and I went shopping today.

My cupcake loves me.
Your such a sweet cupcake.
by ssadibug February 02, 2010
Release 1.5 of Google's Android.

Google didn't really go to market with Cupcake, Donut, release 1.6, was the first widely spread Android release.
A: Are you calling me a cupcake?

B: No man, I'm talking about Android phones, you donut!
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
Cupcakes is a phrase used to alert another male in your group of a passing female with nice breasts when you don't want anyone else to know.

Originating from the California Gurls video clip by Katy Perry
Male 1: Dude, check out the Cupcakes she's packing!

Male 2: Oh hell I'd like to ice those babies!
by Euphoricenterprises May 01, 2011
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