when you fart and instantly enclose the gases in your cupped hand, then release them under some unsuspecting persons nose.
John: Would you like a cup cake James?
James: Why that sounds lovely, yes.
(John releases the handful of fart gas in James' face)
James: You knob.
by John Tilley March 01, 2004
A person you love or care for. Someone you can cuddle with.
BF: hey cupcake ;)
GF: hey babe
by asdfghjkl1234567890asdfghjkl June 04, 2011
In sports, especially college football, a very weak opponent.
Guy A: "Dude, did you see Ohio State is 3-0?!"
Guy B: "Yeah, but that's only cause they beat Ohio, Toledo and Southwestern Hawaii State. Three total cupcakes."
by Red001 September 17, 2011
female pectorals, breasts, titties, boobies, tata's etc.
Look at that stripper shake her cupcakes!
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
Cupcakes is a fanfiction Based on the show My little pnoy friendship is magic It is about Pinkie pie killing herfriend Rainbow dash and putting her into a cupcake.

It is the most popular Fanfic of MLP:FIM because of it's strange nature and it the total opposite of the show.

The story has many Alternate Endings and squeals all written by fans of both the story and the show.

It also has a side story titled "Muffins" but it is clear if this was fan made or written by the author of Cupcakes.

It widely believe that Muffins is a fan side story

The story Cupcakes can be found on google doc
It's freaky, cupcakes
by theotherguyinthebox August 12, 2011
Cupcakes are not just a normal baked good, in fact, by some they are considered infinitely powerful tools. Essentially, they are synonymous with complete Global Domination. Thus, the ability to bake these sweet delicacies is seen as an extremely valuable asset to those wishing to pursue the goal of total global control.
V:"Me and Georgia are having a Bake-a-thon! We're making cupcakes!"
A:"Oh no! The world is in danger!"
by Alexander Johnson October 25, 2006
A highly intimate sexual experience that makes you hot enough to rise, soft enough to cool, and ready to cream! And the orgasm is om, nom, nom!
Bob and Diane made moist, delicious cupcakes last night.
by maemmfc March 01, 2011

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