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When things in life dont go the way you want them to, specifically when done to you by a third party or institution.
Have you seen the amount of work that my boss has given me, he knew i was going out tonight now I'm gonna have to work late.
The reply to this would be.. Thats fucking cuntshit mate.
by Duvetdancer May 09, 2006
1.The excretion of the vagina during blob season.
2. A baby, e.g. "Yeah, the missus just had a cuntshit. It's a boy!"
3. The surprising brown mess which arises when one has had vaginal sex too soon after anal sex!
by Kevin Weilding May 12, 2003
(1) A Cunt Shit is what happens when a female has had too much anal sex and their asshole stops working. So they literally, shit out of their cunt.

(2) Somebody whose being a little bitch and wont take one for the team.

(3) An asshat.

Dude did you hear about Julia?
No what happened?
She has the cuntshits
John! What the fuck you cuntshit? Why'd you tell her I fucked her sister

Umad bro?
Stop being a Cunt shit, Steve.
by S.S.P. December 18, 2011
Individual that is whimpy and nonconfrontational, but likes to go around causing problems behind one's back.
Damn, Joe left another note about washing the dishes before he went out of town. What a little cunt shit.
by For You Chris November 03, 2006
A not-so-well known substance that originates from the walls of the female urethra.
It's basically shit from the vagina.
quite enjoyable.
damn, that bitch had some wack-ass cunt shit.
by DragonTard May 29, 2012
a women that is goining threw their period and she forgets to stick a tampon up there
ewwwww you got cuntshit all over the place.... GROSS
by smallballs April 28, 2007
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