A word describing one who creates lame topics in IRC just to have their name in the topic. See also touched by teh crazy
An example of a cuntish person:

<Ligeia`> !topic what the hell is a milquetoast? can i get eggs with that?

* Simone changes topic to 'what the hell is a milquetoast? can i get eggs with that? (Ligeia)'
by Louise Jefferson June 22, 2007
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Confusingly, in the year 9 of 2005 at NGS, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, cuntish can mean:
1) that something is really good, or
2) that something is really bad.
It is pretty much up to the user to explain whether
1) Wow, i found 5 bucks - cuntish!
2) Christ, George Bush was voted in again... how cuntish can you get...

In both examples, you should be able to tell what the user meant anyway, because of both the actual message and tone of voice. At any rate, if unsure, ask for clarification.
by DaMofo September 25, 2005
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When some one is acting like a right proper cunt , they are being cuntish . This word was first made and used by to friends trying to describe a cunt and the actions she did .
Fuck sake , now that is just being cuntish , said Chelle as Woodz are the last bit of pizza . He was a cunt when he found she had loads of new Friday found so he acted cuntish
by Woodzrs July 23, 2015
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things that are out of order but in acultish kind of way. For example....
Jesus action figures... Now thats cuntish!!! Get it?

Also the moving fountain pictures that you get in indian restaurants !

People can be cuntish too... Danny La Rue !! Now thats cuntish!!!
by jane January 21, 2004
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