Top Definition
1. The behavior of arch-bitches.
2. Blanket term to describe the behavior of women who assume the societal prerogatives traditionally reserved for men.
'Hark! Methinks the most fell cuntery was afoot this eve.'--- Attributed to John Wayne Bobbit's ambulance driver c. 1993
by Mo Dixley August 09, 2005
1. Acting in a cunt like manner

2. Getting others to behave in a cunt like manner
What kind of cuntery is this?
by FtMyersArtist August 08, 2009
The general shit that life throws at you i.e. betrayal, employment, kids, marriage, small penises, etc.

Often fits well in place of the word madness.
2 in 1 shampoo is it? What is this cuntery?
by Chegothy September 09, 2008
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