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A person that will do anything for or go to great lengths to have sex. Can be a man or a woman.
That cunt hunter will do anything for pussy.
by motoxxxredrider April 08, 2006
(1)A Cunthunter is a male that is horny at all times and therefore must seek sexual contact with women, sluts or cumdumpsters.

(2)The swedish artist Basshunters uncencored name. Refers to (1).

(1) - Hey i just saw pat, he is the biggest Cunthunter since Grill, the online internet stalker.

(2) - I just went to see Basshunters new concert all his songs sounded just alike.
- Ye i know, i HAET him, Cunthunter, the Cunthunter.
by KalleSweden March 06, 2008
A woman who enjoys the taste of vagina and scissoring to similar male company.
That bitch is a total cunt hunter, she always scissors with trucker women.
by cuntflapperhater October 12, 2009

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