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When something is extra fishy.
This fish taco is totally cuntalicious

This is very cuntalicious if you ask me. (very fishy, hard to believe)
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008
8 7
Worth licking, sucking, and especially fucking
See that Trixie over there? She sure is cuntalicious.
by Octopod November 08, 2003
24 9
Something that is just sexy and turns one on
That chicks see through braw was just cuntalicious
by BeanaHunta March 11, 2008
21 9
adj. Def. - something reminiscent of a delectable vagina.
exp. - "The air was dark and was 2:00 AM, and there was a cuntalicious feeling of excitement in his mind as it raced to wrap its reflexes around the harrowing hair-pin turns of highway 101."
by CC B-love better re February 03, 2010
3 0
a condition, emanating from the pudenda to encompass the female whole, conducive to lubricious reverie.
"Biff's mother was an attractive woman: pert, petite, well-tended, with an uhn!-uhn! cuntalicious walk that made one's johnson ding-a-ling with pleh-zhah."
by the sobsister May 05, 2004
16 14
Hot, the best, real coolo, fuckin lush mate,orgasmic, Im gunna have a wank. Jumbone,
'You mean girls are cuntalicious'
by sarah beattie kirsten emily January 27, 2005
11 15