A clogged-up feeling in the urinary tract stemming from recent sexual interactions.
I tried to pee right after having a threesome with those RISD chicks but I was all cunked up.
by yecartekim June 03, 2011
vaginal excretions
oooooh she is leaking cunk
by jonny13 March 20, 2003
a mixture of the word cunt and cock.
Suck my big hairy cunk.

That person over there is a huge cunk.
by Puffs Cooks and Nucca June 21, 2009
a combination of the words "cunt" and "punk"
NOEL, stop being a bitch to me just because i am a cunk.
by Zoe and Erin June 08, 2007
A new genre of music developed by WillB and The Bikini Black special mixing country and punk....CUNK
wow..there a real cunk band.....
they cunk those bikini boys
can it get better than this..
let's go fly a kite tonight...
by willbe July 22, 2006
Synonymous of "Porb"
by Kort' June 30, 2003
semen left in the penis after ejaculation
squirt out that cunk before it dries!
by fufff February 12, 2007

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