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A clogged-up feeling in the urinary tract stemming from recent sexual interactions.
I tried to pee right after having a threesome with those RISD chicks but I was all cunked up.
by yecartekim June 03, 2011
vaginal excretions
oooooh she is leaking cunk
by jonny13 March 20, 2003
Synonymous of "Porb"
by Kort' June 30, 2003
a mixture of the word cunt and cock.
Suck my big hairy cunk.

That person over there is a huge cunk.
by Puffs Cooks and Nucca June 21, 2009
a combination of the words "cunt" and "punk"
NOEL, stop being a bitch to me just because i am a cunk.
by Zoe and Erin June 08, 2007
A new genre of music developed by WillB and The Bikini Black special mixing country and punk....CUNK
wow..there a real cunk band.....
they cunk those bikini boys
can it get better than this..
let's go fly a kite tonight...
by willbe July 22, 2006
semen left in the penis after ejaculation
squirt out that cunk before it dries!
by fufff February 12, 2007