A combination of a derogatory term for a Chinese person and the word "cunt". Describes a cunty chink or a chinky cunt.
"Wow, Ling-Ling is such a bitch...what a fucking cunk, I hate her."
by Michelle M. May 01, 2008
Top Definition
Chunks of matter found in the vagina.
EEEEEWWWWW! I just got some cunk on my toungue.

Fuck you eat the cunk!
by Jozecom August 27, 2005
Spunk... but female. :D
"She cunked all over my face."
by Joifish April 06, 2003
worse than cunt.
by youracunk May 12, 2009
A combination of the term "dick" and "cunt" to make a unisex slur to any person who happens to be of an annoyance or just a plain bitch. However, "cunk" can be used a term of endearment to close friends, family, or acquaintances.
"Becky is such a cunk, she didn't even call me back!"
OR, (as a term of endearment)
"You know I love you, you silly cunk!"
by ShannyBitchhh. July 25, 2012
a derogatory term for for anyone, stating they they have a cunt and a cock. basically a pussy with not balls. just your everyday asshole.
lando is such a cunk, he is being a dick to everyone.
by csblizzard93 November 04, 2013
A vagina,pussy,or cunt with a foul odor or funky smell.Also accompanied many times with a yellow green or black fluid or solid.Dripping,ooozing,or caked at or near the opening.
The odor and funk coming out of Bertha's cunt,morphed her pussy into a cunk!
by MmmmdoubleuW May 29, 2015
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