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A street in Toronto, Ontario running from Yonge St. to Leslie St. between Finch and Steeles.
The 42 goes along Cummer.
by mista conspiracy July 09, 2005
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Someone who loves to cum.
Johnny is very horny, he's a straight-up cummer.
by bk669 October 30, 2003
a big ole dick, a guy that can cum alot and multiple times
that guy had a fat cummer
by Andybot January 22, 2008
The one who orgasms and cums on their partner or partners
Sometimes you're a taker and your a cummie, sometimes your a giver and a cummer.
by Ressaler5 July 01, 2014
The biggest whore out of all your peers. Simply known as "Cummer" or a Cummer. She gets passed around constantly.
Hey where's Ashley, I need to get laid

Who is Ashley?


Oh! Cummer! I didn't know who you were speaking of
by Beenbrock June 12, 2014
a terrible male orgasm
Guy 1: how was it
Guy 2: a total cummer
by Buster Hyman Tank July 02, 2007
A Hummer with a Corona advertisement on it
look at that yellow cummer
by niggerish June 03, 2006

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