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A.K.A. "Cumberland Farms", the convenience store that is as much a part of New England culture as small towns, overpriced colleges, and always-failing sports teams are. The preferred hangout for teens who live in towns without much else to do.
Stop at Cumbies and pick up some milk on your way home.
by Ashley the Penguin November 15, 2003
63 19
The nickname and slang way of saying cumberland farms.
Dude I need some gas and smokes

Dude lets go to cumbys
by Thecobbkid October 03, 2008
22 3
Cumberland Farms. A convenience store. Drunk people have been known to stumble there for icecream to put in their mudslides.
Go to Cumby's and git me some o' dem there fudgesickles.
by thegrandchawhee April 07, 2010
13 2
Cumby or C-Town is the "wigger" nickname for the town of Cumberland, Maine. Cumberland is a town 15 minutes north of Portland, the major city in the region of Southern Maine. It is often called Cumby or C-Town by white teenagers attempting to make the town seem more cool because it is a suburb.

Average Income: $67,556
Population: 7,159
Demographics: White 98.8% (7,070)
Black 0.1% (10)
Asian 0.1% (7)
Latino 0.7% (47)
Other 0.3% (24)
"Sup dude. Isn't Cumby sick? C-Town is the coolest!"
by MainEvent August 20, 2005
8 7
1. n. like Gumby, only white
hey Cumby!
by MC Kokmobster December 25, 2003
8 7
cucumbers used in anal pleasure.
my boyfriend and i like to use cumbies in our erotic pleasure fests.
by Rob Bingham February 06, 2003
13 32