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Ebonics for seafood shrimp.
Nigga... pass me dem scrimps!
by MainEvent April 09, 2003
Cumby or C-Town is the "wigger" nickname for the town of Cumberland, Maine. Cumberland is a town 15 minutes north of Portland, the major city in the region of Southern Maine. It is often called Cumby or C-Town by white teenagers attempting to make the town seem more cool because it is a suburb.

Average Income: $67,556
Population: 7,159
Demographics: White 98.8% (7,070)
Black 0.1% (10)
Asian 0.1% (7)
Latino 0.7% (47)
Other 0.3% (24)
"Sup dude. Isn't Cumby sick? C-Town is the coolest!"
by MainEvent August 20, 2005
Much like the Dirty Sanchez but after giving the victim a moustache, you give one to yourself.
After Jimmy gave Sally the Dirty Sanchez, he gave himself a Dirty Rodriquez.
by MainEvent April 08, 2003

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