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Degrading, but fitting name to call a sexually active woman who isn't very intelligent and who has the compulsive habit/desire to give men oral sex.
Your mom: "Mmmmmh, mmmmmh, mmmmmmm."
Plumber: "Ooo yeah! Polish my tool, bitch!"
Your mom: "Mmmmmmm."
Plumber: "Okay you can stop now. I'm gonna "fix your sink" now. *gets out condom and lubricant*"
Your mom: "Mmmmmh yeah, mmmmmh, mmmmmmm, mmmmmh, mmmmmh, mmmmmmmmmmm!"
Plumber: "I said STOP now, Cum Brains!"
Your mom: "Mmm, mmmmmmm?"
Plumber: "You've got a bad case of oral fixation you know."

Mark H. Proud UD author since February 2004.
by Mark H July 25, 2005
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When a man blows his load into a girls ear and she gets a massive migraine.
After 28 stright hours of oral, I think ill give her cum brains.
by asdfjkl'; June 05, 2005
1. A person who always thinks about cum and/or has an obsession with cum. These type of people are very unpopular and will not attract men or women, even if they are LGBT.
2. A person from Cumberland or Cumbernauld that is very smart.
3. A misspelling of "Cumbrian"
4. Another spelling for cum brain.
1. Look at that Cumbrain! He's fucking retarded!
2. I'm friends with a Cumbrain. He's very smart.
3. My friend is Cumbrain. Oops sorry I meant Cumbrian.
4. That girl gets called a cum brain. I don't, I call her a Cumbrain. See a difference?
by Dr Devil October 03, 2014

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