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Cullan is the the most genuine man you will ever meet. They will always look out for your needs and put you first. Cullans are also calm and doesn't upset easily. They will put up with your bullshit to keep you happy.
That guy is so calm, he must be a Cullan!
by Shh1613 May 14, 2016
Super sexy beast. With a monster dong. Girls always love to be with a Cullan.
I love being with a Cullan
by BigTasty1627673 May 10, 2016
Cullan is a douchebag. He will break your heart and tell you he still loves you in the process. You will hate him for what he's done but you'll still love him and want to be with him but he won't tell you what he wants from you.
Look at that guy over there. He has to be a cullan.
by Swagg_master July 27, 2011
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