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A slang referencing the once First Lady of Vietnam, who was known to control her husband, and hence, controlling Vietnam. Tends to be used towards Asian women who are in position of power. Their traits are aggressive, intimidating, calculating, high-achiever. But generally, they are also intelligent and beautiful.
Jesus, here comes the Dragon Lady so pretend you're busy.
by oaklander July 21, 2006
A dog with aggressive or unpredictable behavior. (Based on the rapid dog from Stephen King's novel.)
Cujo tried to attack the cleaning lady today.
by oaklander July 21, 2006
Slang for crystal meth because it is a longer high than cocaine.
(referencing a line on the mirror) Is this long stuff or short stuff?
by oaklander July 21, 2006
Slang for cocaine because cocaine is a shorter high than Crystal Meth.
I can't commit to the long stuff, so I'll take some of the short stuff.
by oaklander July 21, 2006
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