a combpnation of stuff and crap together
woah! look at all that cuff on the table
by bella18 December 27, 2008
what you would call a crazed postman, who joins the marines to kill people. warning signs of your friends becoming "cuffs": 1. they only leave the couch to piss or drink.
2. they have people deliver their laundry saying its from the "Mailman"
3. they tell you they want to join the marines to kill people
4. the couch they live on smells like stale urine and Dorito's
the mail man came by the other day, he was mumbling to himself and smelled like booze. i bet hes gonna go cuffs one of these days.
by chappy pickshisnose April 25, 2008
A word used in substitution for the F word. First used in the summer of 2009 to "clean up" dirty Lil' Wayne lyrics.
Man that ish was cuffed up!
by DariusRamboWhite October 24, 2011
When someone says something that isn't even true. your reply would be cuff .

It's used instead of saying "not even".
John: Dayumm , your girl looks like a freak in the sheets !

Me: CUFF ! She ain't the best i ever had .
by Johnnyboooii ! June 28, 2010
The fat ugly friend in a group of hot girls, Certified Ugly Fat Friend
So who gets the cuff tonight?
by Jason0785 July 10, 2008
To strike someone with an open hand.
"you better shut up freind of i'll cuff you" or "did you see jimmy cuff that guy last night"
by tony chekno August 15, 2007
1. To express love or close friendship by hugging softly and gently; cuddle. 2. To nestle together for warmth (physical, emotional, or both); snuggle. 3. to just relax with a female; to hold them close in a comforting way; -nothing sexual
"I'm juz tryna cuff"
by IllistBabyGurl September 18, 2006

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