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The "slap-type-thing" thing that is done to the back of someones head/neck when they do something dumb. They are cuffed.
Duude, last week Johnny was like, "Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?" and I was like "cuff"
by CrazyDaisy March 04, 2006
36 68
To hit lightly
The male grizzly bear cuffed his mate to assert his higher position.
by Peterock182 November 15, 2011
68 104
Cuff: A person that is cheap and or (lacking responsibility skills). Normally reserved for those that NEVER pay for anything even though they have some cash but never pay (or never manage his/her responsibilities in life, even if they had a decent upbringing). This name is giving because they give the impression that they do things with nice button up shirts (and what not).
Dude, can you get this meal for me?

Bro, your such a cuff.
by AHawk4 May 14, 2009
23 59
a combpnation of stuff and crap together
woah! look at all that cuff on the table
by bella18 December 27, 2008
20 57
what you would call a crazed postman, who joins the marines to kill people. warning signs of your friends becoming "cuffs": 1. they only leave the couch to piss or drink.
2. they have people deliver their laundry saying its from the "Mailman"
3. they tell you they want to join the marines to kill people
4. the couch they live on smells like stale urine and Dorito's
the mail man came by the other day, he was mumbling to himself and smelled like booze. i bet hes gonna go cuffs one of these days.
by chappy pickshisnose April 25, 2008
4 41
A word used in substitution for the F word. First used in the summer of 2009 to "clean up" dirty Lil' Wayne lyrics.
Man that ish was cuffed up!
by DariusRamboWhite October 24, 2011
72 110
To take or steal something on the slick side (Ex. a notebook, pens or food) for a personal gain. This word is often used in Washington D.C..
Person 1: Son, did you get it?
Person 2: Yea, i cold cuffed dat paper.
by nintendo_365 October 02, 2009
23 61