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Cuff is the slang term for being tied down into a relationship & telling the whole word that he or she is yours.
Brett: Dude remember Kylie Smith
Owen: Hell yeah she's so hot
Brett: I know right ,but too bad Ryan

Already cuffed her.
by IcecReamCHika August 17, 2014
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To protect or overprotect a boy/girlfried in fear that he/she might find interest in someone else. Another way of cuffing is announcing a relationship loudly around a large crowd rather verbally or physically. Think of it as a relationship leash, or handcuffs (thats what it is originated from anyway)
That dude gets any girl he wants in the club. You Better cuff yo girl...

You Dont Let Her Go Nowhere! Are You Gonna Cuff Her Forever?
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 06, 2007
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Things people on the television series Cops are not good at breaking.
"I can break these cuffs."
"You can't break those cuffs."
by Paylardo September 22, 2009
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To hold someone down.. Make them your main squeeze.. Someone you can be down for.. someone who can be down for you..

For males: a ride or die chick.. Your bottom bitch..

For females: that man in your life that knows how to hold you down
by HiS BoTToM BiTcH.. June 18, 2007
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Although meaning to "make a chick your own", the term cuf can also be used as the word "cuf" with only one F to describe having sex with a girl. Cuff can be used in two different ways.

When used in a sentence where the guy talks offensively about a girl (i.e. bitch or female) the term means "to fuck".

When used in a sentence where the guy talks respectfully about a girl (i.e. girl or chick) the terms means "to date".
Juan : Damn , I really like this girl Marisa bro.

Alex: Really?? I thought you were just tryna cuff that bitch.

Juan : Nah bro, I actually wanna cuff her and make her mine..

Alex : Smh kid ... smfh.
by dhat_ninja_alexxx July 07, 2011
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to loan somebody something

often in reference to drugs
I cuffed Jim a zip the other day, nigga better pay me back.
by edeisel November 27, 2011
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(v) excessive smothering. Boo loving. To tie one down in hopes nobody can claim him/her :example: if you dance with a women at a club for 4 or more songs then sorry my friend, you are cuffing
-Yo, yu gonna cuff that jawn?

-Nah, yu drawlin. shes wit that otha boul.

-oh, ard.
by xscatteredxjawnx March 25, 2010
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