cuddy is a crip slang for the word buddy. they dont want to use the letter B reffering it to blood so they replace it with the letter C for crip.
sup cuddy...crippin aint easy but its fun
by cuhz August 11, 2005
Top Definition
Used in vallejo and the rest of bay area to refer to a Friend; Homie
Whatup cuddy, sippin on that top of the line whine Carlos Rossi?
by yanar November 27, 2004
Another way of sayin you had sex with some fine girl. Or another way of saying you got some pussy. Used in the new movie "ATL" starring T.I.
I got some cuddy last night.

#pussy #hot girl #sex #got booty #got it on
by Mastiff August 03, 2006
A substitution for a person you call a friend(s), homie , bros, pal , buddy, or in some cases parents or family members.
Wuz up cuddy, How u been?
#cudy #bro #homie #pal #cousin
by naughtyb3ar 2146 August 20, 2011
Bay area slang for a homie. Derived from "cutthoat" another bay slang of thizzlamic origin, referring to a thug partner of yours, one thats real in tha game an quick to kill.
cutthoat 1: "sup cuddy?!"

cutthoat 2: "eyyy mayne, lets light up a wood"

cutthoat 1: "yeeeeee! thats wassup"
#cutthoat #homie #yay #mac dre #yay area
by kapnKronik February 17, 2010
A word that should be used to show coolness and good ness and never used as a negative word.
whats up cuddy also we in the cuddy : (snoop dogg)
also (cuddy E-40)=
#cuddy #e-40 #snoop dogg #music #industry words #flaawless #flawless #english slang #slang words #regardless devon victory
by regardless devon victory March 23, 2010
Word For Your Peoples And Your Kinfolk
Used Mostly In Tha City Of "Waco" Texas

254 We In This Bitch!!!
"Say Cuddy Where Tha Ho3s At?
"Whats Up Cuddie You Know Where To Get Sum Fire"
#relative #friend #associate #homboy #cuzin
by BigSteve"Mafio" October 09, 2009
booty. gettin some. sex, or any other physical relationship with another person.
i got some cuddy last night.
#booty #sex #cuddy #bootycall #head
by risti June 16, 2007
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