A cute nickname for a booty call.
"Your boyfriend home tonight?"
"Nope, slide through cuddy."
by Baby BadAzz February 16, 2014
booty. gettin some. sex, or any other physical relationship with another person.
i got some cuddy last night.
by risti June 16, 2007
A Man with a really small Penis and possible HIV
Lauren: He looks so hot
Illona: But hes a Cuddy, its not even an inch big
Lauren: Ewww
by rayn kelky January 04, 2015
1. The act of making out or snogging, but never actually taking clothes off or engaging in sexual intercourse.

2. Acquiring alone time with a female, usually involving much dry humping and kissing.
I saw that Cuthbert's Facebook read that he was at the theaters with that Melissa girl. He's probably getting some cuddy.
by Rabid Turtle June 11, 2011
Definition: slang for cuddling. Also the name for your cuddle buddy or special someone. Many terms are associated with cuddy such as: cudding, cuddyland, cuddy buddy, cuddy quota (how many cuddles you have to have in a day), mobile cuddies, cuddiac arrest (when you O.D on cuddys), and CPR cuddy pulmonary resuscitation (needed to revive from cuddiac arrest).
"I love you cuddy. I love to cuddy with my cuddy buddy"

"Let's go to cuddy land cuddy."

"My cuddy went into cuddiac arrest whilst we were trying to reach the cuddy quota. Luckily I knew C.P.R - cuddy pulmonary resuscitation."
by cuddybuddy2 April 05, 2010
Tagger slang for slick or cool.
When they went bus hopping, they kept it cuddy.
by J_$crilla July 09, 2009
a derogatory term towards a girl.
that bitch is a cuddy
by well hell yeah September 16, 2009

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