An Irish term, used mainly in rural areas, to describe an above average female (must be at least above average to be accepted as a cuddy)

Note: The act of picking-up/hooking-up with a cuddy is known as 'Chewing Cud'
1."Here, check out that fine Cuddy over yonder."
2."So whats the craic with ya big man? Been chewin much cud lately?"
by IrishLedge December 11, 2006
A ghetto/black slang word used when referring to a friend. Much like the way surfers use the word "dude" entirely too often, "cuddy" can be used by black people (typically those that listen to rap) and wiggers upwards of 6 times per sentence. As dawg was the popular word for blacks to use in the 1990's, cuddy is the word they use in the early 2000's.
Say cuddy, what time it is?
I don't know cuddy, but my cuddy should be out tha store in a whole minute.
by Sinizter April 30, 2008
used in the bay, means shady, in the good sense of the word...keepin' it on the cuts...
He's Hella Cuddy. Did you see him pull that shit outside Gino's last night? Shiiiit...
by Vice17 November 01, 2006
A friendly term aimed at anyone, especially if you don't know the person.
"What up Cuddy?"

"You're cuddy, I'm cuddy, we're all cuddy."
by Cuddy September 27, 2004
used in jersey as a friend...or a dude u ¢ool wit ¢hu feel me
ayo cuddy whea ya momz at
by Brayzii B May 07, 2005
a word used in valleyo it's a gang in the v town.
i went to a party and there were hella cuddy's there
by hyphy boy July 23, 2005
a cuddy is a camero, often an older model
yo, that '69 cuddy is hot
by max February 22, 2005
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