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Noun. A man with a small penis. Named after the popular British tea sandwich which, though tasty, is not quite filling and leaves you wanting more.
"Oh, I had a cucumber sandwich last night but I really needed a biscuit to curb my hunger."
by Kitterbang February 17, 2010
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1. The poshest food you could ever eat. Especially if eaten with mayonniaise and a cup of tea, and followed by a scone with jam and cream.

Usually enjoyed by people living in London, especially near Windsor.

2. An insulting name for a posh person

3. For a man to cum on another mans ass them rub their ass cheeks againt theirs thus spreading the cum up and between both pairs of cheeks.
1. "oooh Godphrey! I think i'll enjoy a nice cucumber sandwich and a small cup of Earl Grey with lemon! Tish Tosh."

2. "You can't eat ice-cream with a fork!!!... U fucking cucumber sandwich!"

3. "Me and my gay lover were going through a sexual rut, so we decided to try a cucumber sandwich"
by DiamondSerpant March 25, 2007

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