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1. The sexiest fat dude on the planet.
2. The better half of the amazing band Tenacious D.
3. The only celeb who has ever suited both singing and acting perfectly.
Jack Black... legend!!1
#rock #sex #god #fat #school
by DiamondSerpant April 01, 2007
A very hair ass. A ass that is so hairy it looks like a beaver. Loved by some gay men, but others prefer a nice bald tavern for thier fancies.

Sometimes used as an insult to someone who is hairy of just a twat in general...
"Duuuuuude! I fancy sticking my cock in ure sweaty ass beaver tonight!!"

"Lee! U big, sweaty, farting ass beaver!"
#beaver #ass #gay #arse beaver #sweaty
by DiamondSerpant March 15, 2007
a way to descibe someone who is 'special' in the head.
"lets just say Lee is a bit special headed"
#special #headed #gay #puff #pastry
by DiamondSerpant March 26, 2007
loved by gay men everywhere.

everyone who likes to give it up the ass is destined to be gay.
"i want to give it to my girlfriend up the ass"

"dude. your destined to be gay"

"dude. i said GIRLfriend"

"yeah. ok"
#arse #bum #gay #puff #anal
by DiamondSerpant March 26, 2007
1. The poshest food you could ever eat. Especially if eaten with mayonniaise and a cup of tea, and followed by a scone with jam and cream.

Usually enjoyed by people living in London, especially near Windsor.

2. An insulting name for a posh person

3. For a man to cum on another mans ass them rub their ass cheeks againt theirs thus spreading the cum up and between both pairs of cheeks.
1. "oooh Godphrey! I think i'll enjoy a nice cucumber sandwich and a small cup of Earl Grey with lemon! Tish Tosh."

2. "You can't eat ice-cream with a fork!!!... U fucking cucumber sandwich!"

3. "Me and my gay lover were going through a sexual rut, so we decided to try a cucumber sandwich"
#gay #sex #cum #anal #posh
by DiamondSerpant March 25, 2007
along with guns n roses the most overrated rock band EVER.

hello, hello, hello, hello, hello

nirvana were genious's

#shit #crap #fool #gay #rock
by DiamondSerpant March 26, 2007
A phrase used by posh people that is used by them to mean anything. Usually hurry up or good-bye.
"Come on Godphrey! Get a move on with them cucumber sandwiches! Tish tosh!"
#cucumber sandwich #posh #gay #hurry up #good-bye
by DiamondSerpant March 25, 2007
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