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Jeeves is a sexy balding butler who looks better with no pants on rather than clothed.
Moi: oooh jeeves bend over big boy
(Jeeves bends over)
Moi:*whip crack!!*
Jeeves: IM A BAD BOY!!
by Joanna-Clare May 06, 2004
The insertion of 9 or so icecubes up the vagina. Obviously very cold!
John McConville cubed my friend Sarah Harris. Oh The Images!!!!
by Joanna-Clare March 07, 2004
Jorg is a sweet guy who wants to be a paramedic (and will be). When he wants to be a dog he can be referred to as Jorgshire terrier.
Chris Cleveland is Jorg
by Joanna-Clare March 07, 2004

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