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1. A combination of keys used before a login screen is presented on Windows NT/2000/XP. This is used because it is the only combination that cannot be sent over a network. It is also used to bring up the task manager and, when pressed twice will reset the computer. For this reason it is sometimes called the 'Three-Finger-Salute'.

2. A comic strip written by Tim Buckley relating to computer and console gaming. It can be found at
1. d00d! j00 wa5 pwning at CS and j00r b0x0r cr@5h3d! j00 had to use Ctrl-Alt-Del!

2. Did you see the latest Ctrl-Alt-Del comic strip? It was just up a couple of hours ago.
by Batiu-Drami January 31, 2005
Often referred to as the Three Fingered Salute used on all windows systems. Originally designed for developers as a kind of Easter Egg to reboot the machine quickly whenever it hung up during development.

Quoted from the original designer:

Somewhat of a cultural icon.. (And even a web comic)

Made famous by Bill Gates' crappy software.

"Press Ctrl Alt Del."
by TerabyteUK February 14, 2006
A shitty comic filled with pointless vidya game references and way too much dialogue. Most of the art is copy-pasted from previous strips. It would be a lot funnier if the writer/artist didn't explain the goddamn PUNCHLINE on the fourth panel.
To summarize Ctrl-Alt-Del bluntly: TOO MANY FUCKING WORDS.
by DocHammer November 02, 2008
A webcomic centered about an insane video game player named Ethan Macmanus. Most of the comic is generally centered around Ethan, but it also has a host of other characters including his best friend Lucas Davidowicz and his fiancee, Lilah Monroe.

They also have a mysterious roommate named Scott, his pet penguin named Ted, and a robot made from an Xbox named Ezekiel (Zeke for short).

The comic has a rapidly growing community, and its rise to fame has not gone un-noticed by even people who don't play video games.
In Ctrl Alt Del, Ethan approches Lilah with a pile of wrapped presents, only they've been wrapped with just one.

Ethan - Bask in my neverending genius!
Lilah - Holy crap! Who's this gigantic present for?
Ethan - Everyone! Instead of wrapping each present one by one, and wasting valuable gaming time, I wrapped everyone's presents together! Brilliant!
Lilah - But how will people know who gets which present?
Ethan - While, they'll simply... they'll... oh... hmm... I guess I should've made an instruction book. Or at least a helpful diagram...
Lilah - I'm sure in your head the logic was flawless, Sweetie.
by Private Zulen September 28, 2006
1. Restart
2. Change of plans
3. Forget it
1. You have a big fight with a friend: "Let's CtrlAltDel!" (for a fresh start)
2. "Let's go bowling, actually CtrlAltDel, let's go to the movies"
3. CtrlAltDel it!
by OL30 March 05, 2010
When you say something in front of someone that has offended them or should not have gotten back to them and you are now frozen and wish you could ctrl alt del yourself and start all over again without any record.
I think that Gina girl's hairstyle is awful. Hey, that's not nice, Gina is my cousin. Sorry, Ctrl Alt Del!
by darlaplans June 08, 2009
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