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saying, originating from the character 'bender' in 'futurama'. a statement associated with pimps, and gives the speaker a sense of power and self-worth. however, overexcessive use may result in physical pain.
- "it's raining outside"
- "shut up baby, i know it"
- "gaaaaaah!!" (physical violence follows)
by anon55 August 28, 2006
The answer to most windows problems. Or so they say.
"shit computer! why won't you work! i'm gonna ctrl+alt+del your ass!"

"argh!! there's a pop-up and i don't know what it's saying! i'll ctrl+alt+del it, that'll sort the bugger out"

(after waiting 5 hours to get to a computer help line in southern asia)
"hey, i have this problem...."
"have you tried ctrl+alt+del?"
by anon55 August 28, 2006
Mysterious force, unknown in any human between the ages of 13-19 unless concerning shopping, sport, sexual matters or parties.
- (Biology Teacher) Come on kids, show some enthusiasm!
- (Class) Meh
by anon55 August 28, 2006
another word for 'funky' but more, well, funky,
- "man, that backflip. funkay!"
by anon55 August 28, 2006
euphemism for "it smells like weed"
- "ah, let's go. it smells like amsterdam in here"
by anon55 August 28, 2006
a surefire way of finding out if somebody is drunk
-"dude, i am not drunk. ask me any maths question you like."
- "er, ok. what's 4 squared?"
- "mate, why the fuck are you asking me maths questions?"
by anon55 August 28, 2006
originates from singer Chico, contestent on "the 'x' factor' (uk) who had a no.1 hit with "it's chico time!" Nowadays is used as a "comical" reply to people inquiring into the time.

- "What time is it?"
- "It's chico time!"
- "shut up, asshole"
by anon55 August 28, 2006

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