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Abbreviation for Call The Police. It is used sarcastically, not as a serious remark.
Dan: Oh Mark have you heard that the Johnson's are moving in next door?

Mark: OMG!! CTP!!!

Example 2:

Michelle: Nichole did her hear Michael slept with Samantha?

Nichole: OMG!!! CTP!!
by superhero4592 June 05, 2012
0 2
Clean the Pipes - What all boys do in their free time
I haven`t seen my girlfriend in 2 weeks so i had to CTP by myself.
by Sexy-Soccer-Hotie December 27, 2010
27 9
Crack the Pussy, an acronym that refers to common and futile attempts at vaginal sex.
Girl, referring to questionable guy: "Don't talk to him."

Girl2, responding: "Why?"

Girl: "Tried to CTP the first week"

Girl 2, looks at guy: "stank..."
by Kush8r October 22, 2011
13 3
Clutch The Pearls!!!
Jake: "I totally think i have a moose knuckle in my skinny jeans".

Josh: "CTP"!
by richpaul August 30, 2009
15 10
Collin Twins Posse
Count The Paintings
Capture The Possesions
Claim The Points
Canterbury Terror Posse
Call The Police
Johns revenge was undertaken by the C.T.P
by chewbacca February 06, 2005
2 5
Collin Twins Posse, An elite crew of menaces who undergo nightly rituals such as letterboxing, the conqering of maccas and upperdecking
Word on the streets is CTP is responsible for johns revenge...
by Burger February 03, 2005
0 4
See centropy. Kthx.
"ctp < *" said everyone
by neh March 28, 2004
3 15