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The ultimate display of self love/loathing, rubbing one out while weeping, superceded only by the ultimate cry wank, involving weeping while wanking, witha cigarette hanging from the mouth and a beer in your free hand.
I was so sad last night all I could do was cry wank.
by Mr C. Wanksalot June 22, 2005
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Crying whilst having a wank/masturbating. When life is that bad that you have resort to comfort wanking and kleenex.
Aww boohoo your team lost what are you gonna do? How bout go in the corner and have a crywank?
by thegirlwhocriedhippo February 02, 2010
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When you're in a state of woe matched only by your state of arousal and there's only one thing you can do. Such as when you've been split up from a hottie for reasons beyond your - or their - control.
She's gone, but it could never be. A cry-wank's all that's left for me.
by causticSodaKitten May 17, 2017
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