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A military person who's beret is so FUBAR that is resembles captain crunch.
Person #1: Aye bro, you see Sergeant Halim's beret..

Person #2: Yeah, that dudes crunchin
by PFC Unknown March 13, 2009
When you don't hear a damn word someone was saying to you because you were eating a whole mouthful of chips or other crunchy food. Can also be used as an excuse for being zoned out when somebody is talking to you.
Mojo: "Mmmm, what I wouldn't do to yer sister..."
Lub: mmmnch crnch "Sorry what? I was crunchin'"
Mojo: "I said those chips must be good"


Wife: "So at work today the boss was being a real jerk and...(blah blah blah)...so what do you think of what he said to me?"
Husband: "Umm, I think that's great?"
Wife: "You didn't hear a fucking thing I said did you? what, were you crunchin'?"
by MojoGuy April 02, 2009
What it's called when someone is wearing a diaper and they sit down and it makes those crunching, crackling noises. Making fun of the phrase 'Gellin'.
"Dude - are you crunchin?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"Ew, man, that's gross!"
by Arabea July 10, 2008
cool, sweet, awesome, tight, phat, etc.
Dude! Did you see that guy hacky-sackin? His moves are so CRUNCHIN!
by Dennis Lackey January 23, 2003
Originated from the sweetness of Oreo's, the perfect combination of 2 thin chocolate wafers, and the precise amount of heavenly cream, resulting in a taste so glorious it needs its own word to define it
Holy shit! I thought Oreo's could get no better, but it turns out that double stuf's are even more crunchin!
by Dennis Lackey January 23, 2003