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A duurrrty slut bag who will do dutty tings anywhere, anytime.
These dutty women will masturbate on a train, Fuck on a toilet seat with a shit that hasn't been flushed, wipe their pussy clart with a used sanitary towl from the park and even let a dog lick their poontang full of pedigree chumb.
'Ay Blad see that crumb bitch over there lickin a whiteboys batty??'
'Dat crumb bitch Cassandra got arrested for pissin on a tramps dog while he was asleep'
'Ay blad don't try it with her yeh, she's a dutty crumb bitch fam, trust. Peeps been sayin she put a broken bottle of vodka up her pussy hole!'
by HighRankinBludclart June 29, 2012
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