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A waffle like discharge that falls out of a crack-whore's vagina when you punch her in the boobs.
I found a crotch waffle on the ground the other day, so I hauled ass out of there!
by omega-zen-master November 13, 2010
A set of long stretched out vagina lips, that often belong to a woman with loose morals. It is often referred to as a camel toe. Can also refer to a woman who may very likely have a crotch waffle.
1.Check out the crotch waffle on that nasty ho!
2.Look at the crotch waffle sitting on the bench over there!
by sallypothead December 17, 2003
herpes; or kids who camp in call of duty 4
I hate crotch waffles on the xbox.
by lupert2869 April 13, 2009
That particular area located on a woman's anatomy where the legs come together, i.e.- the naughty bits
Dorothy took great delight in shaving her crotchwaffle and then shooting ping-pong balls out of it.
by Fred Norris March 11, 2003
When a man attempts to dry out his moist grundle by blasting Gold Bonds medicated power into his humid pouch. The caked humidity is far often too great usually resulting in the thick crotch waffle falling out his short or pant leg.
John used too much Gold Bonds...While going for a lay-up, a crotch waffle rolled out on to the court
by Optumus Rollout June 02, 2009
A crusty pair of underwear, caused by discharge drying onto them. Usually used to insult an idiot.
"WTF, you crotch waffle, stop hitting on my sister."
"That crotch waffle kept rubbing his junk on the women at the bar."
by MuddledFox September 26, 2008
Dried flattened pop that's been trapped between your butt cheeks.

A frat boy called Crotch Waffle after the previously departed dude he reminded someone of, also named....Croth Waffle.

A sailor unfortunate enough to mention to a shipmate he was called "Croth Waffle" in college. Not to worry though, it mercifully got shortened to "Hey, Crotch!"

Also...."Uncle Wally"
Hey, Crotch Waffle!
by PeaceBaby)O( March 31, 2009

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