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3 definitions by sallypothead

A person, frequently of the female persuation, who often seeks the cock.
My brother's ex-girlfriend is a nasty hose hound.
by sallypothead December 17, 2003
A term describing someone who often sits on their ass and does nothing but watch the boob tube in their spare time. Someone who feels the need to man the couch at all times. Also, may be a person who loves video games entirely too much.
My brother is a couch jockey for a living.
by sallypothead December 17, 2003
A set of long stretched out vagina lips, that often belong to a woman with loose morals. It is often referred to as a camel toe. Can also refer to a woman who may very likely have a crotch waffle.
1.Check out the crotch waffle on that nasty ho!
2.Look at the crotch waffle sitting on the bench over there!
by sallypothead December 17, 2003