To suddenly release a fart in such a way that an unsuspecting victim is lightly 'dusted' with the gas molecules. This can be done in two ways, by either walking in front of the recipient as you let 'er rip, or by planting the bomb booby trap style in such a manner that they unknowingly walk through it.
Man, I totally just cropdusted you. At least it's better than a Covered Wagon.
by infinity.morales June 02, 2009
To fart discretely and then walk away from the scene so as not to be detected.
"My stinky was completely undetected, Susan...I crop-dusted my way across the party."
by Michael Cunningham January 27, 2004
Verb; the act of blowing a breezer while traveling passed one or more people. Similar to traditional crop dusting; the idea is to allow the gascious air to settle over a destination specified by the direction of travel, angle of the rear, and pressure put on the sphincter. It's a delicate yet powerful move.
Mark awoke all the sleeping people at the party when he layed a vicious crop dust over their sleeping bags. The next day they got pink eye.
by Charlie C-Mac December 25, 2009
To fart or pass gas in an area as you walk. Slowly permiating the air.
Steve did the crop-dust in the office east-wing this stunk bad.
by thecliff August 27, 2007
TO fart as you walk in front of someone in order to make them get the full effect of it.
Oh man I saw his face after you crop dusted him.... nice
by Cruz Heimer January 08, 2009
To walk by and release nearly toxic gasses from the ass and aim them at others
As i was eating lunch, my teacher walked by and crop dusted me
by FatalKush July 02, 2012
When you cum and you use toilet paper to clean up but the leftover cum and toilet paper is still stuck on your dick
Alf's cropdust made me jizz in my panties
by jbp3 March 22, 2015

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